What we have here is a gun, not just any gun. A gun with a difference, it has been changed to become a weapon of science for Heriot-Watt University. In reality none of the components inside fit within the guns structure, as far as I believe all this sits on a table but doesn’t look as good. So I was asked to draw various components and put them in the order of a supplied schematic. What does it do? Well let me tell you, it fires one photon.

Here is some work work in progress shots of the honey skull. I started with a basic rough of a skull.

I then divided the image up into squares forming a grid which followed the contours of the skull. Also colouring and shading it to give me an idea if it would work.

Later I then roughed out the shape of the honecomb using the grid as a guide

The guide layers and skull rough were removed and this would be my base layer for working off.

Some close up images on the site here.

bain not from batman

This is a character illustration for the new Comet exhibit in the Riverside Museum Glasgow.  I hope to add the video soon.


Here is some photographs of a leaflet I worked on with the Jamhot agency. I was super pleased to see how nice it turned out. The Tron theatre wanted the illustration style to be very loose and the design to be  similar to the print style of the period. You can see each illustration in sequence here.