Shark v Turtle

Shark v Turtle

I am making a game in my spare time and have been trying to create an asset each day, the less free time the smaller the asset. Here are some animated  low poly assets which will be a good bit smaller in game but I just enjoy making and animating these so much.


Howdy here is the show reel from last year!

Merry Christmas


The Mammoth book of skulls


The Mammoth book of skulls arrived at my studio the other day. Edited by a great comic artist and writer Ed Hillyer  its jam packed with skulls ranging from graphic design, manga, fashion, advertising, basically everything from pop culture.

coverphoto 2 photo 3  photo 1



I am by no means a big Star Wars fan, don’t get me wrong I think it’s cool but you won’t see me dressed as Darth Vader any time soon. This was me messing about with the idea of opposites joined. What do you think? starwars2

Should I delve into this deeper and try and make it look cooooooool(nice)