Well here is the final part of my comic creation. I have penciled out the rest of the pages which I hopefully should finish within a week or two. The word ballon is sometimes an important part of the story telling process , I say sometimes because it’s possible to tell a story entirely through pictures but with dialogue you can change the readers understanding of the story. You can create word ballons in many ways whether it’s in photoshop or manga studio and here are some tutorials, just click the links.

I am more interested in the use of the balloons as I was unsure of font, font size and space around the text. The font I have used is Anime ACE which I downloaded from Dafont after a conversation with  Jason Mathis an artist/comic book artist based in Glasgow made in Canada. The font size I decided to use was 10 point which is about as small as I want to go. The white of the bubble which surounds the text which ideally you want to keep it a letters width/hight to the edge.

I have a bit of a tight deadline so kept short and sweet.