Hello again and welcome to the 3rd part of a personal journey creating my first short comic. So now that I had drawn the pencils and adjusted the contrast of them to make them slightly darker as I wont be inking them, I’m ready to create the flats.

Firstly allow me to try and explain what flats are. For quite a while I was reading about comics and the creation process and everyone kept mentioning flats and I was thinking what the hell are flats? Why dont they tell me! They just keep saying the word flats. Well from what I have gathered creating flats is the process of blocking out the colours within the lines effectively neatly colouring in with flat colours. This Is done on a separate layer below your line work one your line work has been set to multiply on the layer options.

The colours that you use are entirely up to yourself as long as each colour is different from its neighbouring colour, this will allow you to select each section seperately with the magic wand and shade and colour without worrying about the lines.  This all be it, is a slow boring process and there is a photoshop plugin that can generate flats automatically for you, as I dont have money to burn I do it the regular boring slow way.

Above is an example of my flats which I did in grey tones which were not to far away from the final shaded image as the comic will be printed in black and white.