Hello! Recently I was asked to create a short story for an anthology of short comics. The only stipulation was that it must center around the realisation of self. I decided to regard this job in the same light I would as any other job, and that’s starting with research.

When I was younger  I wasn’t a stranger to collecting comics but the older I became the less interested I was which is not uncommon among teenagers. Cut to present day and I have found myself in a studio surrounded by people who work in the comic industry so creating a comic of my own was inevitable.

Back to the research: My first stop, Making Comics by Scott McCloud this has been an amazing read although I found you had to wade through the obvious before you would get some real astute observations and fantastic pointers about the genre. Also Will Eisner Comics and Sequential Art is a great read.

Next I had to think how do I wish to tell my story, I could do it entirely digital or pencil and paper. Lately I have been drawing quite allot digitally so the allure of pencil and paper was promenant in my decision making,  although I am aware of how much faster computers can make the process. As I am going to draw on paper I needed something that would scan in cleanly ie with as little texture of the paper showing through so A3 Bristol board was the obvious choice.  This was also perfect for running through the printer as I intended to print out a comic guide page which would contain bleed, crop and panel markings in order to keep some consistency over the pages of my story.

Below Is the template page I created based loosely on one of the main comic book companies own templates. On the page you will find bleed (the distance the colour  extends past the crop marks which is usually 3mm), crop (the actual final page size) and Live area (where the artwork should be although you can draw up to the bleed if you want to go up to the edge of the paper.)

Please feel free to download (click the image and it should load onto a new page then select Save) and get creative oh and if you could be bothered send me a scan or photo of your work you produced as I would love to see if anyone finds this helpful.

A3 Comic page template