Only because I have been spending every waking moment working on my comics. So where the hell are they…. you shout. Well within a month I should have them done. Two new separate short stories fully coloured which links me nicely on to this.

Above is a colour/color theory experiment by Dominic Regan a profesional colourist for DC and comic book artist based in Glasgow. The other day we were having a discussion about colour and how he had be working on this what appears to be a simple yet deceptively clever swatch. There has been a great amount of thought put into this. I shall elaborate, the colour section has been broken down into its C (cyan) M (magenta) Y(yellow) the grey tones including black and white are the percentages of that colour used, white being zero and black being 100% the 3 shades between from light to dark are 25%, 50%, 75%.

The clever part is the breakdown of yellow and how running percentages of shades perpendicular to the other shades creates a seamless blend.

I hope you have found this little filler of some interest/insight into colouring comics.