So i have been grey toning my comic pages every free second I get and I am half way. So as I have at the moment very little to post about I shall post a sketch and  regale you with a tale.

Today as every other day I arrive at my studio, make my way up the stairwell and unlock the first of many locks. As I am going about my now routine morning motions I preemptively click the kettle on which should effectively finish boiling by the time I have switched on my computer, lights etc. Sure enough as planned the kettle boils and I fill my rather nice if not slightly tea stained Iron Maiden mug. I then realise shoot no milk! I was meaning to go and buy some on my way here. The great thing about this place is that it covers two floors, the floor I’m on is populated by comic book artists and one solitary writer, the floor below has writers, modelmakers, artists, designers well you get the idea but I digress, they always have milk.

So I make my way down stairs and open their pristine fridge, even before I get to it I know its going to be clean due to the lack of tea and coffee stains on the front door. Inside was stuffed with fruit and veg hams cheeses fruity drinks and real butter! I make my way back upstairs milk in hand now with the though I wonder how different our fridge is?

So I present a quick sketch and list of fridge based objects

  • 2 x empty margarine tubs
  • 1 x un cut red pepper placed in bowl (why?)
  • 1 x  whole cucumber
  • 1 x can of cider
  • 2 x cans of lager
  • 1 x open box of emmental with only one hard slice remaining.
  • 1 x salami slice now dry and several shades darker
  • 1 x prosthetic hand

The hand has been in there for as long as I can remember and why I will never know. Everyone in the studio is so unaware of it, as though it has become part of the components of the fridge. No different to the shelves and the light.